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3 Ways to actually thrive in an open office: Yes, it’s possible to find focus in the midst of all the hustle and bustle

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How millennial employees can embrace older colleagues: These tips will help bring harmony to the trio of generations in your office

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A new breed of help

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Bringing your dog to work eases stress, study finds.

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Betrayed by your desk

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On practice: consequences of ignoring environmental behavior research

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Pets play vital role at offices around San Antonio

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Pets in workplace reduce stress

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Dr. Meredith's Research

Thought Leadership: Welcome

Flexible Work Arrangements as a Strategic Management Tool

Wells-Lepley, M., Thelen, L.A., & Swanberg, J. Supervisors’ use of flexible work arrangements as a strategic management tool: Prevalence and predictors. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 18, 31-53.

Benefits, Challenges, and Promising Practices for an Aging Workforce

Wells-Lepley, M., Swanberg, J., Williams, L., Nakai, Y., & Grosch, J.. The voices of Kentucky employers: Benefits, challenges, and promising practices for an aging workforce. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 11, 255-271.

Perceptions of Pets in the Workplace

Perrine, R. M., & Wells, M. Labradors to Persians: Perceptions of pets in the workplace. Anthrozoös, 19, 65-78.

What Does Your Workspace Say About ou?

Wells, M., & Thelen, L. What does your workspace say about you? The influence of personality, status, and workspace on personalization. Environment and Behavior, 34, 300-321.

Personalization: Clutter or Meaningful Personal Displays.

Wells, M. Office clutter or meaningful personal displays: The role of office personalization in employee and organizational well-being. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 20, 239 255.

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